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I Destroy Demons* I a m a True Holy Warrior Disciple of Christ* I Stand against the devil* This is me B*D*E* I Swore an Oath to Serve the Cross*Holy arch angel's I Stand With are Very Holy* I love my friend's in Heaven*I a m Slow to anger* I Have an aggressive attitude to ward fallen angel's*I will destroy the dreaming Satanist of evil doing's* I Brake all ungodly Soul ties and Satanic image and symbol's of Death and Reincarnation*May God Rebuke you Satan and legion and Jezebel*I Cross you in the name of Jehovah *Jesus Christ*Holy Spirit*Hail Christ*Hail Mary*Hail Christ The King*Church of Satan will be defeated*Christ will Return on Doomsday* Judgement day and God will Judge the living and the dead and Rule with the Right hand of Doom*Satan and legion you will be defeated by God and Christ*Holy arch angel's Remove the Great Seal of Hell* Christ will Defeat  you fallen angel's  with his Holy arch angel's  as he  Cast you into the Dark abyss the endless Hell's and  slow burning brimstone for eternity *